Waste Management

In-season (May-September) Bay Disposal will pick up trash and recycling on Wednesdays and Saturdays each week.  During the off-season (October-April) trash and recycling will be picked up on Wednesday only.  You and your tenants no longer need to roll out and roll back the trash/recycle totes as WPOA has created a service district through the county to provide this service.  Totes will be pulled to the street in the afternoon of the day before Bay Disposal collection.  Totes will be returned to the house in the afternoon of collection day.   Trash outside of totes and bulk items will not be moved to the street or picked up.  Disposal of bulk items that will not fit in totes, such as lawn chairs, pool recliners, hot tub covers (cut into quarters), etc. is the responsibility of the home owner or management representative.  For bulk pickup contact Bay Disposal directly at 866-312-7495 or via the Corolla number 252-491-5105.

Tote requirement per house:  County ordinance requires each property owner to have one trash tote for every 2 bedrooms and one recycle tote per 3 trash totes. Examples:  5-bedroom house needs 3 trash totes and 1 recycle tote.  9-bedroom house requires 5 trash totes and 2 recycle totes.  Note:  despite meeting these tote requirements many larger houses have excess trash left over on renter change-out days that does not make it into totes.  Owners are encouraged to consider having extra trash and recycle totes beyond the basic requirement to prevent this problem.

Complaints: All complaints concerning trash pick-up and/or the tote roll-out/roll-back service should be directed to Currituck County Public Works at 252-232-2504.


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