COVID-19 coronavirus status after WPOA Board of Directors telephone conference on Sunday 03/22/2020

The WPOA Board of Directors held a telephone conference today about the denial of access to the outer banks for non-resident property owners.  Let me start by sharing the following release from Currituck County.

Currituck County’s decision to amend its State of Emergency on March 20 to increase access restrictions into the Outer Banks is intended to ease the strain on local healthcare facilities and protect citizens from a possible outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus. A number of key factors influenced this decision, including:

  1. By denying access to visitors and non-resident property owners, Currituck County hopes to limit the number of possible patients that would be served by the Outer Banks Hospital and local urgent care facilities. These facilities have low capacities and no ICU capabilities. We do not want them to become overwhelmed during a possible COVID-19 outbreak. Non-resident property owners may actually have access to more robust healthcare systems by staying home during this time.
  2. Healthcare facilities on the Outer Banks serve citizens in a wide geographical area over both Currituck and Dare counties. As a result, transport by ambulance can take a significant amount of time for critical patients.
  3. Many Outer Banks residents are retirees and the senior citizen category is one of the most vulnerable to COVID-19. It is the county’s responsibility to protect our citizens as best as possible. 

Currituck County understands the frustrations of non-resident property owners during this unique time. We have also considered how these restrictions will affect local businesses. However, the county is acting in the manner it feels will best maintain public health and safety for all property owners.

Currituck County does not take this decision lightly and will open access to the Outer Banks as soon as possible. Updates will be made as information becomes available. Thank you to everyone for their cooperation.

Steven Pyle Jr., CFM

Deputy EM Coordinator

Currituck County Emergency Management-911 Communications


 In a nutshell the county is saying limited medical facilities require a limited population.  Hundreds of people coming to the outer banks to prepare their houses for the season is a population they couldn’t medically handle if the virus swept through the area.   As the wave of cases of the virus continues to grow so do the number of questions and concerns for non-resident homeowners.  

  1.  When will the county re-assess the situation.
  1.  Is there a possibility the county could cancel the rental season?   Does it have the authority?

     (no access to the area would automatically kill the rental season)

  1.  Could non-resident homeowners be allowed into the area on a controlled permit basis to get houses ready for the season or close them for a season that doesn’t  materialize?   

The board is talking to the commissioners about the questions above and asking if the commission has any ideas that will help non-resident owners.

A couple of things to keep in mind.  Experts on the national level don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel.  Right now when this will be over is an educated guess.  Because of “the unknown”  on the federal level state government is also hesitant to make decisions or establish policy.  County governments are waiting for guidance from the state.   Unless and until Dare County decides to admit non-resident owners to Dare County, Currituck County non-resident property owners will be turned back at the bridge.  AS DARE COUNTY GOES….SO GOES CURRITUCK COUNTY.

That’s it for now.  We are reaching out to the county to make sure they understand our concerns and to come up with some way to get access to our homes.

I will keep you posted.

For those of you who have questions or concerns (and I’m sure many do) please contact me Terry Ruggles at or WPOA President George Mears at

Good health to all of you.  WASH YOUR HANDS AND STAY 6 FEET APART!!!!

Terry Ruggles

WPOA Board of Directors


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