About Us

The Whalehead Property Owners Association (WPOA) began in the early 1980’s when a couple of owners realized that the Whalehead community needed better visibility within the county. As a result the WPOA held its first formal members meeting on the Saturday after Thanksgiving in 1987. Throughout history, WPOA has sought to preserve, protect and improve our beloved community. The number of issues we faced has been numerous. WPOA has been diligent in their pursuit of the issues and providing resolutions that were in the best interest of the entire community. Over time, the WPOA has been rewarded by the county’s increased willingness to work with WPOA toward the common good. WPOA is now perceived by the county as a reasonable group of people who sincerely care about this beautiful beach. WPOA is known to work not at the expense of others, but rather in pragmatic concert with the interests of the greater community.


Whalehead Property Owners Association (WPOA)
PO Box 10993
Burke, VA 22009